LLI-539 “Craftsmanship as Tourism Product without Borders” (Tour de Crafts)

The project intends to stimulate sustainable use of traditional skills in craftsmanship by preserving and promoting it as a common feature and joint tourism product of the cultural and historical heritage of the Latvia-Lithuania cross-border area that could attract the interest of tourists. It will be targeted at the sector of craftsmanship and local craftsmen […]

LLI-532 Craftsmanship as Medicine for Deprived Communities (Med-Craft)

Šiuo metu vyksta projekto “Amatas kaip tarptautinis turizmo produktas” (Tour de Crafts, LLI -539) pradiniai darbai ir pasirengimas numatytoms veikloms. Sausio mėnesį planuota surengti projekto teorinius mokymus amatininkams Lietuvoje ir Latvijoje, tačiau dėl COVID-19 pandeminės situacijos ir karantino apribojimų, jie nukelti vėlyvam pavasariui. Plačiau apie projektą: Projektą įgyvendina 6 partneriai – Latgalės planavimo regionas (Latvija), […]

LLI-404 Social Inclusion of Disabled Persons into Labour Market (New Skills)

The project will help persons with disabilities to integrate into the labour market and offer training of new professional skills. The project will be targeted at 44 thousand persons with physical, cognitive, sensory or emotional disabilities from the age 16 residing in the cross border area of Zemgale and Panevezys-Utena districts. Project will develop a […]

LLI-138 Employment and Entrepreneurship without Borders (BEE)

The project is targeted at local artisans (80 persons) working with textile, glass, wood, ceramics and paper that are seen as potential entrepreneurs in the Latvian-Lithuanian cross border area, namely, Dobele municipality and wider Zemgale region in Latvia and Anykščiai district municipality and Panevėžys county in Lithuania. The project is designed to tackle the two […]