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The Utena region has a wealth of institutions and artists that promote old Lithuanian crafts. In the patchwork of this region, every area is famous in its own way. Anykšciai is famous for its Arts Incubator, which hosts dozens of artists, Ignalina for its beekeeping museum – the only one in Lithuania – and Zarasai for its woodcarvers. Visit the region’s craftsmen’s workshops to learn about weaving, ribbon or straw decoration making, and if you want to try your hand at the potter’s craft, you can do it with the king of Lithuanian potters himself.

During the implementation of the project “Craftsmanship as Tourism Product without borders” (Tour de Crafts), a tourist route “Along the paths of creativity” was prepared. Following it, you will get to know the creators of the Utena region and will experience amazing discoveries.

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Tourist route (Utena Region)

Tourist route map (Utena Region)

Tourist route booklet (Utena Region)

Joint tourist route

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